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Benchmark Results: Just Cause 2 (DX 11)

GeForce GTX 570 Review: Hitting $349 With Nvidia's GF110

This one’s a TWIMTBP title, but that doesn’t stop AMD’s cards from doing pretty darned well in it.

The Radeon HD 6850s in CrossFire either dominate or match the Radeon HD 5970. Again, we see little reason to spend $500 on a card like that unless you only have one PCI Express slot available for high-end graphics. Otherwise, go CrossFire with the 6800s or SLI with GTX 460.

Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 570 trades blows with the GeForce GTX 480 and Radeon HD 5870. That’s good (considering the 480 still sells for >$400) and bad (since the 5870 can be found well under $300).

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