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Romania Set The Pace

Gigabyte Crowns An Overclocking Champion For 2010

12:08:48 - Mihatoiu Costin Matel from Romania (Matose) set the pace. His wPrime time of 2.827 seconds gave him a clear lead over Juan Sebastian Campos of Colombia (e-Killer; 2.969) and Nikočević Dušan from Serbia (Perica_barii; 3.000). They were the only three who posted times at this point, leaving the scoreboard mostly blank. Shortly after, Yeong Tak Kin from Hong Kong (stephenyeong) slotted into second by virtue of his 2.828 wPrime score.

12:41:03 - As other competitors started posting times, it became clear that Matose was the man to beat. By the time he ranked first in two benchmarks (PiFast: 14.080 seconds and MaxxMEM: 23,653 MB/s), stephenyeong maintained his placing with a 14.130 PiFast value, while Jeremy Clifton from the United States (sno.Icn) placed third (PiFast: 15.160, wPrime: 2.906, and MaxxMEM: 21, 720).

13:45:26 - Matose maintained his first-place ranking even as he lost a crown to Shahriar Barani from Iran. Shahryar_NEO set the MaxxMEM bar at 26,576.

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