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The Browser-Based Software Control Center

Reader's Voice: An Introduction To Home Automation

The controller's home page has a very clean look.

More functionality on the first page would be nice, but you could end up with a cluttered interface were you to build extensively on the HA deployment. The General Settings screen is where time and day are set, where you key in the controller's network settings, and where you can program controls for older X-10 devices.

An individual room page, again, has a nice clean look and simple interface.

You add devices to a room from the room settings page.

You can also choose which controls to show in case the device itself is not capable of dimming. I also found a feature here that I didn't know was available with this controller. I could program automatic on and off times for given days of the week. An example of the way you'd use that would be as follows: set your bedroom lights to come on in the morning, during the work week of course, when your alarm clock is set to go off, or a few minutes later in my case.

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