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Thermaltake DH102: Specifications, Bundle, And Unique Features

HTPC Cases With LCD Screens: Bringing Bling


Thermaltake’s DH102 is the lowest-priced offering in this touch-screen LCD case roundup, but it doesn’t skimp on the features. It offers the same 7” iMon OEM Touch LCD screen that the Moneual 972 has and sports front I/O-panel connectivity options such as two USB 2.0 connectors, a FireWire connector, and headphone/microphone jacks. The panel is hidden behind a pop-open door, which is a nice touch.

At 16.6 lbs., the DH102 is tied with the Moneual 972 as the lightest case in this roundup, although the Moneual 972 offers a lot more space. The case body is SECC steel and just the front panel is aluminum. While the DH102 doesn’t come off as cheaply made, the Moneual and SilverStone offerings definitely have more of a solid feel to them.

The case supports one external 5 ¼” drive and three internal 3 ¼" drives. The main external drive door is covered by a classy aluminum cover that will easily open when an optical drive pushes it, which is a good way to keep the look of the front panel clean without having to worry about the optical drive's color or appearance (since it remains hidden most of the time). While the available drive space is similar to that of the Moneual 972, there’s really no place to put an internal card reader in the DH102, which is unfortunate. Of course, and external card reader could be used with the USB ports.


The Thermaltake’s DH102 bundle includes pin-to-molex adapters for the fans, screws, a manual, software installation CDs, and the iMon remote and batteries. Thermaltake is the only vendor in the roundup to include a cloth for cleaning the LCD touch screen.

Unique Features

What makes the DH102 stand out from the other cases is its small size--it's 3/4 of an inch shorter than the next tallest case, and it’s also the smallest in length and width by a small margin. While this doesn’t sound like much, this space savings allowed us to fit the DH102 in a home entertainment center that the other cases couldn’t squeeze into. Of course, this is a mixed blessing, as the DH102 is the most cramped case to work with during installation or when making modifications.

Another unique feature is that the DH102 is the only case in this roundup with a 120 mm intake fan. This is augmented with two 60 mm fans in the rear of the case, which saves some space compared to 80 mm fans.

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