Kryotech's SuperG 1 GHz

Show Me More Pictures! Continued

Here we have a view of both machines opened and their extra pieces to the side. The older unit has one piece that's pretty annoying to remove and put back on. The new unit has more of a "tooless" design to it. You can slide and pull parts off versus having to unscrew everything.

Note the roomier interior of the SuperG on the right. You can see the extra drive bay and greater space for upgrades like multiprocessing systems.

Please note that the power supply in our evaluation unit has very few power connectors because it's not the same one going into the released unit. The released unit will have five larger power connectors with two smaller ones. You can also see the Microstar MS-6167 motherboard that's shipping in the SuperG. Kryotech has mentioned that they'll be offering the Gigabyte GA-7IX motherboard as an option.

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