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Targus Premium Laptop Charger (APM69US)

Universal Laptop Power Adapters For The Air, Road, And Wall

The Premium Laptop Charger AC/DC (APM69US) is actually more like a kit than one specific charger. Targus simplified its product lineup to be somewhat modular. The Notebook Charger AC (APA70US) and Compact Laptop Charger AC (APA69US) all share the same 90 W power brick as the APM69US. The APM69US (which runs $122) is simply a combination of what you get in those other packages. The difference is that the APA70US and APA69US don't come with automotive adapters. The APA70US is specifically for netbook owners; you only get a netbook adapter tip and the USB tip. The APA69US is the same, but comes with all the tips also provided with the APM69US.

Meanwhile, the APD80US is the car-only version of the kit. There is no power brick for AC input, but you get all the same adapter tips as the APM69US and the APA69US. The cheaper Netbook Charger (APA72US) shares the same output cable and tip system, then substitutes in a 45 W power brick for the 90 W version. This is the same 45 W charger that comes with the Charger for iPad (APA7201US). The difference there is that you get an iPad tip instead of a set for netbooks. All of these kits still come with a USB tip, so you can charge your cellphone or eBook reader at the same time as the main device.

The best thing about the APM69US is its cable management system. The kit includes a highly elastic cable tie that keeps everything nice and neat, though you still need to deal with the power brick separately. If you're plugging in multiple devices, there's also a caddy that clips onto the cable and secures an extra pair of tips.

Targus advertises this charger as an Automotive/AC/Airplane charger, but it doesn't come with an EmPower plug. This means you can only use the adapter if you're in an airplane with a cigarette lighter-style outlet.

If you need EmPower connectivity, you have to buy an adapter, which usually runs ~$10.

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