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Universal Laptop Power Adapters For The Air, Road, And Wall

Compatibility: Will It Work?

Duracell's compatiblity chart from Amazon

Will these adapters work with your notebook? That's hard to say definitively. Duracell doesn't publish a compatibility list on its Web site. Fortunately, if you hit Amazon, you'll find a small chart listing brands and corresponding tips.

Back of Duracell's Box

The back of the box spouts off a list of models, but that's no compatibility guarantee. There is a more complete list published in the included manual, but ideally, you'd know whether the adapter works with your notebook before you sink the cash on it. Well, we went ahead and scanned those pages so you can see for yourself.

Back of Kensington's Box

Kensington is just as vague, though you can find a compatibility list on its Web site. Again, that's hardly a clear-cut matrix of models, though.

Inside Flap of Targus' Retail Box

Targus publishes a short-hand compatibility list on the inside flap of its retail box, but the company's Web site is much more helpful. There is a guided search, similar to Kingston's and Crucial's memory configurator, that tells you exactly which adapter tip you need for your laptop and if it's offered.

If your notebook happens to be from one of  the top four vendors (Acer, HP, Dell, Lenovo), you probably don't have anything to worry about.