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Results: 3D Games

Six Low-Voltage Dual-Channel 8 GB Memory Kits, Overclocked

Among our games, F1 2012 has proven memory bottlenecks, while Metro 2033 is more CPU- and GPU-constrained. We again split the difference by providing data on both.

Crucial’s low latencies give it a noteworthy lead at default settings in F1 2012, while Kingston appears slightly hampered by stability-oriented secondary and tertiary timings. G.Skill’s super-low-voltage memory takes second place.

Optimized timings boost the average FPS of all memory, with Crucial and G.Skill retaining their positions.

G.Skill’s inability to reach DDR3-1866 puts Crucial and Geil in direct competition.

Crucial drops out of the running at DDR3-2133, handing this part of the contest to Geil’s under-rated DDR3-1333. Average FPS climbs from a top score of 131 at DDR3-1600 to a top-score of 133 at DDR3-2133, which should probably give gamers a moment of pause to wonder if memory faster than DDR3-1600 is really necessary for today's titles.

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