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As Good As “It” Gets

Is That A Notebook? MALIBAL's Six-Core, Dual-GPU, Speed Demon

In spite of its weight and occasional noise, the MALIBAL Nine X7200 is still far more portable than any combination of desktop PC, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. This is especially true if you consider that an Uninteruptable Power Supply would need to be added to the desktop PC’s component list in order to make it useful away from any power outlet.

There are a few things you can do with the X7200’s battery, such as checking email, surfing the Web, or viewing a presentation while you’re on that trip between the home office and corporate office. We’ve heard the argument that nobody buys a high-end desktop replacement notebook to check email, but we have to wonder who would be willing to tell their boss “no sir, I did not close that multimillion-dollar deal because my system is too good for such petty tasks.” Bottom line: notebooks do notebook things--no matter why you originally purchased them.


Any gamer looking for the performance of a high-end desktop processor in a notebook doesn’t have to look far to see that the X7200 is their best choice, since its available dual GeForce GTX 480M graphics cards lay waste to any other portable solution. The words hot, heavy, and noisy only apply if you have something to compare against, yet the X7200 is incomparable to other notebooks. With its combination of top-end desktop CPU and top-end mobile graphics, the X7200 is the most powerful notebook money can buy.

MALIBAL wants to be your supplier of the X7200, making a strong argument for its brand, in this case, with three years of labor coverage and US-based 24/7 tech support.

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