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Results: Sequential Performance

Micron P420m SSD Review: 1.4 TB Of PCI Express-Attached Storage

As we've seen from our previous read tests, the P420m is a beast. There really isn't much more to say. Micron's latest delivers class-leading performance that even more expensive drives have a hard time matching.

Do you remember back to the specifications page, where we mentioned the curiously low sequential write performance? This is where it rears its ugly head. Really, the only positive thing to say is that the P420m reaches its maximum speed at small transfer sizes. Once you get past 32 KB blocks, the competition leaves Micron's P420m in the dust. Even Intel's SSD 910, which up until now posted 50% of the P420m's performance, nearly triples its sequential write speed.

Our only guess as to why the P420m has such low sequential write speed is that Micron tuned the firmware predominantly for small block, random performance, compromising sequential write performance.

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