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Benchmark Results: Gaming

Phenom II X2 555 Vs. Pentium G6950: New Budget Dual-Core Titans

It is obviously a bummer that the Pentium G6950 died before we could run any overclocked game tests on it, but this is absolutely something you'll see in the follow-up. In the meantime, marvel at how the Pentium G6950 struggles in a number of these benchmarks.

At first glance, the results look bad for the Pentium G6950 and a little less-bad for the Phenom II X2 555, even when overclocked. The theory here would be that our Radeon HD 5850 is being held back by the lower-end CPUs. But if you look at the overclocked results, the Phenom II often catches up to the i5-750 at 1920x1200, where the emphasis is placed more solidly on the GPU. This trend is bucked only in CPU-hungry titles like World in Conflict. We can see that the i5-750 does show a benefit over these dual-core processors at stock speeds, even at relatively high resolutions.

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