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Benchmark Results: Medium Detail

Prototype Performance Analyzed

Medium detail affords us the luxury of shadows. In addition, the game will swap high-detail 3D props (like the cars) for low-detail versions of the same props when the object is farther away from the player's viewpoint when compared to the low-detail setting. Because of the inclusion of shadows, if your graphics card can handle it, we highly recommend the medium detail setting at the very least.

We begin with 1280x1024, and can see that the Radeon HD 4650 is already out of the running as a contender with its minimum frame rate of 22 FPS. The game is playable, but it's far from ideal. Meanwhile, all of the other cards are once again bottlenecked by the CPU. Only the GeForce 9600 GT is struggling to reach the average 65-75 FPS the other cards enjoy.

Upping the resolution to 1680x1050, the situation remains the same.

Even at 1920x1200, the CPU bottleneck is asserting itself as the primary performance limitation instead of the graphics cards.

At 2560x1600 we can see some definite leaders and followers in the range, but the margins are still surprisingly close. The GeForce 9600 GT has been slowed to choppy performance, but all of the higher-tier cards are averaging over 40 FPS and about 30 FPS minimum, which is still very smooth.

At this point, it is obvious that the game is extremely dependant on the speed of the platform and not on the speed of the graphics system. As long as a minimum level of graphics power is available, performance is very close across the spectrum. 

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