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Benchmark Results: Crysis And World In Conflict

ATI Radeon HD 5450: Eyefinity And HTPCs For Everyone?

In order to get Crysis playable on the Radeon HD 5450, we had to set almost everything to low, with only textures and physics set to medium detail. If you want to see shadows in this game, both the shader and shadow detail settings must be set to at least medium. So, while the Radeon HD 5450 manages barely-there performance at 1280x1024, it isn't impressive. Once again, the Radeon HD 4650 shows its dominance over the competition, while Nvidia's GeForce 210 delivers a slideshow.

World in Conflict is often CPU-limited, but on these slower cards, the bottleneck does easily shift to the graphics subsystem. Luckily, the game is not twitch-based, and an RTS player should be satisfied with fewer than 30 fps. None of the status quos established by the previous benchmarks are challenged here, and the new Radeon HD 5450 remains a viable option only at 1280x1024. The GeForce 210 performs poorly, and the Radeon HD 4650 sails past its competition.

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