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Blu-ray 3D Decode Acceleration Benchmark

AMD Radeon HD 6450 Review: Caicos Cometh

We were surprised when we found out that the Radeon HD 5000-series cards can, in fact, handle Blu-ray 3D playback over HDMI 1.4a. Unfortunately, these cards rely on host processing to decode the MVC codec, though. The Radeon HD 6000-series boards have Blu-ray 3D (MVC) decode acceleration built into the GPU, so we decided to test the Radeon HD 6450’s ability to perform this task:

Indeed, the results show a 25% CPU usage difference with the new card, almost identical to the results we saw on the GeForce GT 430. Clearly the decode acceleration feature is working, and could help a low-end CPU cope with Blu-ray 3D playback duty.

It should be noted that the Radeon HD 5550 performs flawlessly when playing back Blu-ray 3D movies. The only difference between the two cards is that the Radeon HD 6450 is able to play back 3D in a window, while the 5550 requires the player to be in full-screen mode.

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