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Rampage III Extreme BIOS

X58 To The Max: Three New Flagship LGA 1366 Motherboards

Asus’ Extreme Tweaker menu takes first priority in its Rampage III Extreme BIOS. Designed with most of the settings overclocking experts require, some novices will be pleased to find automatic overclock settings that are based on the CPU and memory installed. Ai Overclock options include overclocking to the CPU frequency of a higher model, overclocking base clock to match the X.M.P. values of some memory modules, and manual configuration.

CPU base clock can be increased up to 500 MHz. Voltage limits are similarly generous at 2.30 V CPU core, 2.50 V DRAM, and 2.50 V for the CPU’s on-die memory controller. Clock-skew, differential amplitude, and reference-voltage settings help advanced users seek those last few megahertz, while VRM stability controls such as Load-Line Calibration add consistency.

A broad selection of DRAM timing controls includes automatic settings for individual timings to ease the configuration of familiar values.

Asus O.C. profile allows tuners to save up to eight BIOS configurations and revert to previously saved settings. The “Go Button” menu provides a miniature overclocking profile that can be engaged when the system is running by using the appropriate button on the motherboard’s surface.

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