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MSI MS6107

Review of Socket 8 Motherboards

This Dual Pentium Pro motherboard does not need voltage regulator modules (VRMs) and fulfils higher demands on a server motherboard: 5 PCI slots as well as three memory banks should be enough to ensure proper upgrading of hardware or memory. The floppy/IDE connectors are not placed optimally, since you will have to give up one or two full size PCI slots. But then I think it's rather scarce that somebody has more than three ironing-board-size PCI cards. As you can see on the picture, MSI uses AMI BIOS.

MSI MS6107, Rev. 1.0

ATX format, ATX power supply, Intel 440FX chipset; 3x ISA, 5x PCI; 6x SIMM; AMI flash BIOS; external frequencies: 60, 66 MHz; multipliers: up to x3.5; I/O chip: Winbond; PIO 4 onboard; FDC onboard; 2x serial 16550; 1x EPP/ECP parallel; 1x PS/2 mouse; 2x USB (without connector); IrDA support (without connector).

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