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Tom's Definitive Linux Software Roundup: Communications Apps

This concludes part two of Tom's Definitive Linux Software Roundup. You should have a good-sized list of personal information managers, email clients, instant messengers, VoIP apps, and IRC clients that run natively in Linux. If you considered such uber-popular titles like Outlook, Outlook Express, Trillian, or mIRC as barriers to Linux migration, consider that barrier broken.

Remember also that you can take Skype, Mozilla Thunderbird, and even Lotus Notes with you, too. Hopefully, you're just a little bit closer to breaking that Windows dependency if you so wish.

Part one was all about Internet software. With this segment, we added applications that also depend on Internet access, but also facilitate communicating with other people, and not just retrieving information from the Web.

In the next installment, we'll be breaking from our net-centric streak and focusing on office applications. As I stated in the Introduction, "Office Apps" is a whopper. A simple listing of office suites is not what you'll find. We will of course have them, but there will also be a separate page for each component. That means word processors, spreadsheet apps, presentation apps, simple databases, finacial software, desktop publishing, project management, and more. Hopefully, we'll help you find replacements for such mission-critical and industry-leadering software packages like Word, Excel, and Quicken.

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