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Benchmark Results: Adobe Photoshop CS 5

Second-Generation Ultrabooks: Faster And Cheaper With Ivy Bridge

Eager to move on from PCMark's questionable scoring, we turn to Adobe's Photoshop CS 5 for a more real-world measurement. Our benchmark consists of four threaded filters applied to a large (~15 MB) TIFF image in a script able to effectively tax the quad-core and dual-core, Hyper-Threaded CPUs.

Equipped with lower clock rates and a pair of physical cores, it's no surprise to see the 17 W Core i5-3427U take about 2.5x longer to finish this benchmark than the Core i7-3720QM.

Really, though, this comparison should be between the two 17 W CPUs. In that context, Ivy Bridge enjoys a substantial advantage over the Core i5-2467M.

Because the filters used in our test are threaded, processor utilization is pegged at 100% throughout the test. The lines where each platform drop off tell the whole performance story. And though it takes a distant third place, the Ivy Bridge-based Core i5-3427U puts forth a commendable showing.

What performance results don't tell you is how much power is used at any given time in the test. The 45 W Core i7-3720QM's entire platform draws about 40 W, for instance, while the Core i7-2820QM-based machine spikes much higher.

In contrast, both Ultrabooks centering on 17 W CPUs use roughly as much power; the Ivy Bridge-based configuration simply finishes its task a lot faster and drops back to idle.

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