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Three Gaming Cases, With Power, Under $100

We begin every roundup by contacting as many qualifying companies as possible, yet many times our requests go unanswered. With marketing events and holidays all over the world causing some announcements to go unnoticed, its often necessary to contact a company several times to get a response. Such was the case with Antec around the time of this year’s Computex. Our message got through at the last possible moment, but not without a snag.

We had requested a case and power supply combination priced below $100, and had even mentioned a couple models as examples, and when the wrong part showed up we had no time to get a replacement. We know the Earthwatts 500W is a well-respected part, but this one didn’t come with a case.

Antec does however produce a few models that could have qualified. The NSK4480B, seen in our previous System Builder Marathon, is but one example, though this particular example has recently been updated to the NSK 4482B.

Several venders even offer Antec’s popular Three Hundred gaming chassis with its low-cost BP430 power supply for less than $100.

Conspiracy theories abound in the comments section whenever a popular brand is unable to participate in a roundup. Today we decided to address those conspiracy theories preemptively. Readers can rest assured that we exhaust every possible avenue in our efforts to include their favorite brands in every roundup, and we know we'll have better luck including Antec in our next chassis or power supply story.

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