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Building With The Griffin

Three Gaming Cases, With Power, Under $100

The true highlight of In Win’s entry is its 80 PLUS-certified 400W power supply. Reserving any further comment on efficiency for the benchmark portion of today’s article, the 18A primary 12V rail even appears to outpace that of Cooler Master’s larger 550W unit, until one considers the relatively low 25A combined limit for both 12V rails.

All of our full-sized components somewhat fit into the open Griffin case, though the hard drive overlaps our video card. Builders who want all their hard drive bays will be limited to cards around 9.3” in length.

Unfortunately, the side panel wouldn’t fit over our 6.3”-tall CPU cooler. Removing the Griffin’s side-panel fan opens it up to coolers less than 6” tall, while leaving it in place reduces cooler clearance to around 4.5”.

In Win sells its Griffin as a low-cost gaming case, but we’re not so sure any gaming system builder will live with a 4.5” cooler height restriction.

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