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Equipment Check List: What Else Do We Need?

Wall-Sized 3D Displays: The Ultimate Gaming Room

At this point, we have decided on the basics for the ultimate gaming room: a solid DLP projector. There are other components you need, of course, but if you already have a decent gaming PC you should be able to pick everything up that you absolutely need for under $1,500, projector included. Like anything, there's always the option to pay more for premium equipment, so let's go over it all in detail so we don't miss anything important.

EDimensional Wireless 3D Glasses

eDimensional is one of the few vendors of 3D stereoscopic glasses that has survived. This is probably because of two important distinctions: first, they are the only company we know of that has developed a 3D stereoscopic driver that works with any 3D video card; and second, their newer 3D glasses and driver will even work with LCD screens. This latter point is becoming more and more popular on the PC, and is a problem for other stereoscopic glasses.

You can expect to pay about $100 for their wireless glasses, or about $70 for the wired versions. You'll need the wireless ones if you plan to use the Nvidia stereoscopic driver with a projector, because the Nvidia driver will require a stereo inverter to do so, and's 3D stereo inverter only works with wireless glasses.

Projector Screen

We have a projector, but we still need a place to project the picture. Luckily, a large white or off-white wall will do very nicely, especially if you can control the ambient lighting in your viewing room. Basements are ideal, as daylight is the DLP projector's greatest enemy. Windows in the viewing room will severely detriment the display quality of a projector during the day, even if you have the blinds closed. We can assume the wall is free, but if you really want a pull-down screen, you can get a 100" screen for about $150 on-line.

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