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Performance Benchmarks: Flash, Java, And Silverlight

Web Browser Grand Prix VI: Firefox 6, Chrome 13, Mac OS X Lion

GUIMark 2 Flash

The chart below lists the results of all three GUIMark2 Flash tests for each of the five Windows 7 Web browsers. 

The next chart has the same data for the four OS X browsers.

This final chart hosts the cross-platform composite scores, which average the results of the three GUIMark2 Flash tests.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 achieves the highest score in the GUIMark2 Flash Windows 7 testing, closely followed by Opera and Safari. Firefox 6 only earns a fourth-place victory, with Chrome 13 in last place.

The highest score from all of our GUIMark2 Flash testing goes to Opera on OS X. Chrome 13 manages to rocket into second place on the Hackintosh, while Safari 5.1 and Firefox 6 practically tie for last.

Flash Benchmark 2008

Safari 5.1 nabs the highest score in Flash Benchmark 2008 in Windows 7, followed by Microsoft's IE9. Opera takes the third-place spot, with Chrome 13 and Firefox 6 far in tow.

Opera for Mac achieves the highest score in all of our testing, more than 10 000 points ahead of Safari's Window 7 victory. Safari takes second in Lion, closely followed by Firefox 6, then Chrome 13.

It appears that Opera on OS X is the Flash performance king.


GUIMark Java

Firefox 6 leads in GUIMark Java under Windows 7. Mozilla is followed by Chrome 13 with a 5 FPS disadvantage. Opera takes third, followed by Safari 5.1 barely ahead of IE9.

In OSX, Opera takes the lead, followed by Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

This benchmark shows Windows 7 to have a significant advantage over Mac OS X in Java performance.


Encog Silverlight

The Encog Silverlight scores are pretty close together. In Windows 7, Opera 11.50 holds onto first place. Version 13 allows Chrome to move from third place to second. Firefox 6 catapults Mozilla up one spot, from fourth place to third. Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 drops from second place to fourth, and Safari remains in last place.

The OS X scores are all very far behind the Windows 7 results (by about double). Firefox 6 takes the lead in Lion, followed by Safari 5.1. Opera settles into third place on the Apple platform, and Chrome finishes last.

Silverlight is the second plug-in where Windows has a serious edge on OS X, but this wasn't entirely unexpected. Afterall, Silverlight is Microsoft's own attempt at a Flash-killer.

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