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Confirmation: Similar Performance Under Windows 8

Windows 8: Double-Checking Performance On Core i7-3770K
By , Achim Roos

As we might have surmised, based on our prior week of testing, the performance of applications running under Windows 7 and Windows 8 is fairly similar. There are a handful of discrepancies across our complete benchmark suite, but it's probable that some of those will work themselves out over time (and after some driver updates).

Our OpenCL-based Photoshop test, for example, which leverages graphics hardware, ran faster under Windows 7. The difference isn't just manifest in our benchmark. Using the application and running through the OpenCL-accelerated features manually makes it clear that there's something going on under Windows 8. Clearly, that'd appear to be a driver-oriented issue.

PCMark 7 also exhibits a propensity for Windows 8. Because it employs software from Microsoft built into its operating systems, differences there could be related to updates to Windows 8's apps specifically. We saw small improvements in certain threaded titles as well, such as WinRAR, so there's also chance that some of the changes responsible for nudging FX up by a couple of percent also benefit the Core i7 in our test machine. 

Last week, Thomas determined that Windows 8 doesn't have a massive effect on the performance of AMD's Bulldozer architecture, and a quick check with Intel's Ivy Bridge design turns up the same result. It's hard to say how much effect more mature drivers will have on graphics performance, but we don't expect CPU-bound tests to change much. After a week of exploratory benchmarking, it would seem that your favorite apps run just as well under Windows 8.

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