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Results: Productivity

Haswell-Based Xeon E3-1200: Three Generations, Benchmarked

Our productivity tests represent tasks commonly performed on desktop workstations.

ABBYY FineReader 10

In FineReader, which is really well-threaded, Intel's Haswell architecture performs a little better than were expecting it to. The speed-up is only a few seconds, granted, but it's definitely quantifiable.

Adobe Acrobat XI

Looking at the PDF creation benchmark using Adobe Acrobat XI, these numbers are certainly solid. Picking up 15 seconds in a single-threaded test from Sandy Bridge to Haswell is nothing to scoff at. As someone who regularly converts PowerPoint presentations to PDF before I send them along, this metric resonates with me especially. It's worth minutes per day of my time.

Visual Studio

Our Visual Studio compile test runs noticeably faster with Haswell, opening up a multiple-minute lead over previous generations. This is certainly one of those tasks that is affected by a new processor architecture; it's both long and really well-optimized for threading.


Fritz speeds up most during the transition from Sandy Bridge to Ivy, where it picks up an extra 100 MHz and support for DDR3-1600 on top of the minor tweaks Intel made to the architecture itself. Similar improvements moving to Haswell further nudge performance forward.

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