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Haswell-Based Xeon E3-1200: Three Generations, Benchmarked

Results: Compression Apps

These applications are certainly important in the workstation space, where compressed data helps speed-up file transfers and minimize storage requirements.


WinRAR doesn't fully utilize four Hyper-Threaded cores, so it's probable that much of what we're seeing in our workload comes from optimizations for IPC in the architecture. Regardless, there's a nice transition from Xeon E3-1275 to -1275 v3.


7-Zip is better able to exploit available resources, and it appears to reward the 100 MHz-higher of the Ivy Bridge generation, in addition to reflecting per-clock tweaks to each architecture. Haswell operates at the same frequency, so its advantage is purely architectural.


The WinZip results are in-line with our expectations on each set of tests, with the Xeon E3-1275 v3 clearly performing best.