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Average Performance, Efficiency, And Value

Xotic PC NP9150: Striking Back At Kepler With Radeon HD 7970M

Xotic PC promised us better gaming performance at a lower price compared to its competition. We were the ones to specifically ask for the same CPU and SSD so we could focus on comparing AMD's and Nvidia's current-gen graphics modules. The crew at Xotic PC did (wisely) add a fourth memory module, however, and that change slightly boosts the performance of our encoding and productivity applications.

A huge speed-up in gaming performance will be partially reduced in our efficiency chart, since that measurement uses the average of all benchmarks and power tests.

Since the previous GeForce GTX 675M-equipped configuration set the performance mark that Xotic PC was hoping to beat, we also used it as the basis of our efficiency evaluation. An average performance gain of 11% combines with an average power savings of 6% to give Xotic PC an average efficiency increase of 17%

Priced nearly 8% less than its competition, the NP9150 also generates a huge 21% value lead.

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