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Computex - Page 7


Each year, Tom's Hardware editors from around the world head to Taipei, Taiwan for Computex. Check here for coverage of the latest motherboards, processors, memory, graphics cards, storage devices, peripherals, and of course, the booth babes.

news - JUNE 6 52

Big vending machine is watching you.

news - JUNE 6 114

Gigabyte says that iPhones and iPads are killing the notebook market, but this will pave the way for desktops to rule the land once again.

news - JUNE 1 42

Protesters camping outside the Nangang Exhibition Center was calling Steve Jobs a "bloodsucker."

picture story - JUNE 1 62

Thanks to Computex 2010's focus on consumer electronics and IT products—two male-dominated industries—scantily-clad women are in abundance. As we walk the show floor, gathering information on technology,...

news - JUNE 5 45

Your fourth and final helping of Booth Babes from Computex 2009.

news - JUNE 5 27

Not everything at Computex happens in the convention center. Yesterday the folks at EVGA kidnapped one of our onsite editors to show him the company’s latest motherboards and video cards.

news - JUNE 5 16

Silicon Power has come up with an interesting way to distinguish itself from the ocean of USB sticks on show at Computex Taiwan: add an eSATA port.

news - JUNE 5 23

Revenge of the Bith Babes.

news - JUNE 5 23

During Computex, Elitegroup Computer Systems showcased an Atom motherboard featuring a x16 PCI Express slot.

news - JUNE 5 41

Babes at booths.

news - JUNE 4 6

Intel's senior vice president Anand Chandrasekher displayed a few prototype mobile Internet devices (MIDs) powered by the company's upcoming Moorestown chip platform.

news - JUNE 4 9

Hey, COOL!

news - JUNE 4 6

Finally, a way to compute outside in the blistering sunlight.

news - JUNE 4 5

This week at Computex, Taipei, Acer is showing off an ultra-thin notebook for business users.

news - JUNE 3 23

This year at Computex, case maker Lian-Li introduced a less pricey line of cases designed to be kinder to your wallet than the likes of Corsair’s $300 offering from earlier on in the day.

news - JUNE 3 23

We've got a sneak peek at what Intel's land looks like at Computex.

news - JUNE 3 41

8 GB of graphics RAM enough for you?

news - JUNE 3 27

There’s usually not a lot of sparkly things to be found at Computex and for the folks that attend Computex that’s just fine.

news - JUNE 3 31

Computex isn’t just about what’s inside your machine and proof of that is Flash maker Corsair's first foray into the case market.

news - JUNE 3 23

Our onsite reporters have seen a lot of nifty products at Computex in Taipei and Kingmax’s waterproof SD card is one of them.

news - JUNE 3 28

Blu-ray adoption is still unsatisfying, price wars eliminated profit margins and the crisis hit hard. In a short interview with Sony Optiarc we learned their about their recipe to succeed.

news - JUNE 2 2

Who needs SkyTone’s $250 debilitated Android netbook when you can have one of Acer's Android AspireOnes?

news - JUNE 2 13

Intel announces new CULV chip with matching mobile chipset.

news - JUNE 13 17

If Full HD is not enough for you (and there’s always those who want more) Chi mei Optoelectronics showed us a rather nice alternative.

news - JUNE 10 0

Taipei (Taiwan) - One of main qualities of Taiwanese companies is the fact that they can rapidly adapt to new trends and quickly change their focus when a new technology is gaining traction.

reviews - JUNE 9 15

Nehalem, chipsets, motherboards, AMD, NVIDIA, booth babes, and more.