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Memory - Page 2


Memory is the high-speed storage between your CPU and hard drive. Naturally, you want it to be both fast and plentiful. Our editorial team can help walk you through picking the right RAM kit for your motherboard, optimizing its performance, and keeping it running stably.

news - JUNE 6 4

The Corsair Vengeance Pro Series of high-performance DDR3 memory is designed for PC overclockers and enthusiasts, and it is offered with a choice of four color accents.

news - JUNE 5 3

Crucial has introduced two new products into its lineup of Ballistix memory: the Sport SODIMM for laptops, mini-ITX systems and AIOs, and the Sport XT for desktops.

news - JUNE 5 26

G.Skill’s new TridentX DDR3 32 GB memory kit is clocked at 3000 MHz and is fully compatible with Intel’s 4th Generation Core processors.

news - MAY 31 4

Adata has announced two new memory kits, both running at 2800 MHz.

news - MAY 22 2

SanDisk is now sampling flash memory products based on the company's second-generation 19-nm process tech.

reviews - MAY 13 38

We've abided by Intel's 1.55 V recommendation for two architectures and two die shrinks, yet most performance memory manufacturers ignore it. Recent problems with one of our builds raised the question, how far...

news - MAY 9 19

AMD has announced the upcoming arrival of its Radeon Gamer-Series memory.

news - MAY 7 4

Infineon Technologies and GlobalFoundries have launched a joint technology development and product agreement for 40 nm embFLASH process technology.

news - APRIL 28 10

To comply with Crucial’s IP rights over the “Dominator” name, EK-RAM has renamed its RAM products to “EK-RAM Monarch.”

news - APRIL 21 5

According to IC Insights, at the end of 2012, 27 percent of capacity was used for devices with geometries smaller than 40 nm.

news - APRIL 20 16

Adata has released its flagship gaming memory SKU, a 16 GB kit with two 2,600 MHz DDR3 DIMMs.

news - APRIL 10 1

The ioFX range of workstation acceleration platforms feature MLC NAND memory, PCIe interfaces and are designed to "remove traditional data storage bottlenecks."

news - APRIL 9 18

The price of DRAMs continued to increase in 2H March 2013 and expected to continue rising in April.

news - APRIL 9 13

Viking is also working on an NVDIMM technology.

news - APRIL 5 20

The Hybrid Memory Cube Consortium (HMCC) has established a global standard for a disruptive memory computing solution that aims to enable memory to reach a peak aggregate bandwidth of 320 GB/s.

news - MARCH 27 16

Kingston is releasing black versions of its existing memory kits.

news - MARCH 13 23

Transcend is releasing 32 GB DDR3 LRDIMMs which makes massive system memory capacities possible.

news - FEBRUARY 28 13

Researchers proposed a new method of manufacturing "the smallest structures in electronics".

news - FEBRUARY 17 24

Micron's new flash memory device stores 128 Gb in just 146 mm2 of space

news - FEBRUARY 15 8

Super Talent showcases its new PCIe and Mini PCIe FDMs

news - FEBRUARY 13 50

President stresses importance of creating jobs within America.

news - FEBRUARY 13 20

GlobalFoundries is expected to ramp up to 7-nm process technology by 2017.

news - FEBRUARY 13 21

Micron has been working on NVDIMMs, a 'hybrid' storage solution, aiming to bridge the gap between DRAM and SSDs. The idea is that all the data in the DRAM would get written to NAND memory upon losing power.

news - FEBRUARY 12 12

Toshiba is now shipping 64 GB NAND flash modules using the UFS interface.

news - FEBRUARY 7 23

G.Skill claims to have built the fastest 32 GB memory kit, which runs at 2800 MHz.

news - FEBRUARY 4 7

New smartphones, tablets and ultrabooks using Intel processors to be unveiled at the event.