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Monitors are the part of your computer you interact with the most. Tom's Hardware provides the benchmarks and information you need to de-mystify the specifications and technologies of current monitors, allowing you to find the perfect monitor for your application.


Putting a 4K monitor on your desktop means either spending four figures on a 32-inch IGZO screen or going on the cheap with one of the new 28-inch TN-based models. We already reviewed Asus’ PB287Q. Today we...


You've already seen our instructional guides for calibrating computer monitors. In today's story, we help get you started dialing your HDTV as well. From beginner to expert, we have you covered with a handful...

Monitors on the Community

Monitors experts answer your questions

news - OCTOBER 20 31

At last, someone has built a smaller-than-27-inch QHD desktop monitor.

Tutorial - OCTOBER 21

Having a second screen or monitor is very convenient and useful. You can connect a projector and share your screen with others, especially when...

news - OCTOBER 15 10

Philips has a new 27-inch G-Sync monitor on the market.

news - OCTOBER 2 16

Dell's new 27-inch WQHD monitor brings a modern design with updated I/O interfaces.

news - OCTOBER 1 19

Here's another curved display shipping in October.

news - SEPTEMBER 29 26

Here's a curved monitor that has gamers in mind.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 27 16

Today we’re looking at AOC’s other 144Hz gaming display, the G2770PQU. It delivers a 27” image at 1920x1080 resolution through a TN panel. With speedy G-Sync-capable monitors starting to emerge, is the...

news - SEPTEMBER 22 28

Here's another display that uses Nvidia's G-SYNC technology.

news - SEPTEMBER 22 4

DisplayPort Alt Mode is capable of 5K resolutions.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 20 7

HP's new Z27x DreamColor supports all the important color gamuts and carries some distinctly unique features. This screen simply blows us away.

news - SEPTEMBER 18 10

Samsung's latest monitor may only be a Full HD unit, but it is curved.

news - SEPTEMBER 15 27

The DisplayPort 1.3 standard has arrived, and it is damn impressive!

news - SEPTEMBER 12 25

Apple's iMac may get an Ultra HD 5K upgrade before the year is out.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 11 6

When Windows 8 added 10-point multi-touch support, we expected a flood of desktop touchscreen monitors to hit the market. That hasn’t happened yet but NEC is making maximum effort with the E232WMT. Today we...

news - SEPTEMBER 8 25

It looks like we might finally be getting some IPS monitors that are also good for gaming.

news - SEPTEMBER 5 45

It's a world's first, that's for sure.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 4 11

Our display benchmarks can help you decide what screen to put on your desktop and in your living room. So, in order to provide a little greater insight into our monitor and HDTV testing methods, we’re running...

news - SEPTEMBER 2 47

Dell's U3415W has finally been announced, and as it turns out, it is curved.

news - AUGUST 28 3

Leap Motion is working on a sensor specifically for virtual reality.

reviews - AUGUST 26 30

The extra pixel density of a 27-inch monitor sporting a native 2560x1440 resolution can make small text difficult to read. BenQ solves the problem by adding five extra inches to its BL3200PT. Today we test this...

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