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Monitors are the part of your computer you interact with the most. Tom's Hardware provides the benchmarks and information you need to de-mystify the specifications and technologies of current monitors, allowing you to find the perfect monitor for your application.


Does a true gaming monitor need to have a 120 or 144 Hz refresh rate? BenQ’s RL2460HT offers plenty of features that cater to enthusiasts, but it tops out at 60 Hz. Can those extra capabilities compensate, or...


We’ve reviewed a lot of professional-class monitors, NEC's PA272W may be the most accurate and capable one ever to hit the Tom's Hardware lab. At almost $1300, it’s expensive for a 27-inch QHD screen. But...

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Monitors experts answer your questions

news - JULY 7 3

The conference will be a two-day event.

Tutorial - JULY 5

1. Unplug your monitor from the power, as well as the signal cable from the computer. 2. Moisten (not dripping)...

news - JUNE 4 29

A new partnership between Intel and Samsung is planning to shake that up at half the price of high-end monitors very soon.

news - JUNE 4 14

Philips is debuting a 2-in-1 monitor this fall.

news - JUNE 3 16

Asus is showcasing a limited edition graphics card and a Nvidia G-SYNC monitor.

news - JUNE 2 17

Asus has announced a 4K monitor that will run at the full 60 Hz off a single cable.

news - MAY 30 9

The pain could last a week.

reviews - MAY 30 41

Many displays are marketed as gaming monitors. But only a tiny handful operate at refresh rates greater than 60 Hz. The BenQ XL2720Z sails along at 144 Hz and offers many gaming-specific features. Today we run...

reviews - MAY 27 43

We've seen plenty of buzz about the beauty of gaming at 3840x2160. Up until now, though, that meant spending several grand on a 4K monitor. Asus drives the price down to $650 with its 28-inch PB287Q. But are...

news - MAY 23 2

This company is working on touch for augmented reality devices.

news - MAY 22 21

Acer is releasing this gaming-oriented monitor sometime this quarter.

news - MAY 22 11

ZeniMax is taking legal action against Oculus VR.

news - MAY 22 15

He lists the pros and cons of having and using Google Glass.

news - MAY 20 10

Pizza and virtual reality... what else do you need?

news - MAY 20 2

Dell has silently released three new monitors.

news - MAY 20 5

This monitor has two 7-watt speakers supplied by ONKYO.

news - MAY 19 7

Glass is getting a little help from a fashion executive.

news - MAY 14 31

Hooray! The open G-Sync alternative has made its way to DisplayPort standards.

reviews - MAY 14 17

The high pixel density of a 27-inch QHD monitor is fast becoming the desktop standard for power users. But prices are stalled in the $600 to $800 range. Today we check out NEC’s entry, the EA274WMi. Our...

news - MAY 9 0

This display has a starting price of $899.99.