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Monitors - Page 8


Monitors are the part of your computer you interact with the most. Tom's Hardware provides the benchmarks and information you need to de-mystify the specifications and technologies of current monitors, allowing you to find the perfect monitor for your application.

news - JANUARY 31 5

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news - JANUARY 30 17

Question is, can we play PC games on it?

news - JANUARY 30 34

Sharp's 32-inch IGZO 4K display will retail for around $5,500 USD when it eventually arrives here in the States.

news - JANUARY 25 14

Google is proposing bone conduction to deliver audio in Project Glass.

news - JANUARY 24 9

The man who helped create the Call of Duty franchise is now the chief operating officer of Oculus VR.

news - JANUARY 23 0

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news - JANUARY 22 3

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news - JANUARY 22 10

At this year’s CES, Tom’s managed to video one of the most elusive and most overdue products in tech.

news - JANUARY 22 8

BenQ showed dedicated gaming monitors, and the world's first affordable 1080p 3D projector.

news - JANUARY 19 24

A laser projector mounted to Google Glass could shoot a numeric pad onto your hand.

news - JANUARY 18 10

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news - JANUARY 18 62

A hands-on with the Oculus Rift headset last week during CES 2013.

news - JANUARY 18 10

We'll finally get to see Valve's VR version of Team Fortress 2 in March.

news - JANUARY 17 17

It's a collaboration between HP and Dr. Dre.

reviews - JANUARY 16 66

With monitor prices creeping lower than ever, even the latest IPS-based models are now affordable. Today, we look at a pair of 27-inch, LED-lit, 1080p displays from AOC and ViewSonic. Both products recently hit...

news - JANUARY 14 6

Sharp was showing off its IGZO technology during CES 2013.

news - JANUARY 12 24

If you've been thinking about buying a Thunderbolt cable, this might be the best time.

news - JANUARY 11 12

Sports 1920x1200-pixel IPS display.

news - JANUARY 11 13

Here's the future of sales -- using a remote presence from afar rather than an actual human.

news - JANUARY 10 4

Lenovo is hoping to bring Windows 8's touch functionality to those without touchscreen PCs.

news - JANUARY 10 21

Feast your eyes on this.

news - JANUARY 10 21

IGZO professional display series claimed to be "industry's thinnest" 4K monitors larger than 30 inches.

news - JANUARY 9 13

This headset could be trouble in the hands of perverts and hackers, but it's a cool gadget nonetheless.

news - JANUARY 9 28

LG is showing UltraWide IPS monitors that connect to up to two devices and split into four separate windows.

news - JANUARY 9 11

LG's new curved OLED panel may look cool, but it may prove difficult when trying to hang it on a wall.

news - JANUARY 9 6

Hisense shows its Google TV lineup, a transparent 3D panel and more.