Full AMD Ryzen PC crammed into a folding mini keyboard — includes a built-in trackpad and battery; all you need is a display

Linglong foldable keyboard PC
(Image credit: Linglong on Bilibili)

Chinese PC maker Linglong has just introduced a tiny PC that fits into a foldable keyboard. The company shared its live presentation via video sharing site bilibili, where the presenter pulled out the actual device from his back pocket. The keyboard PC also has a built-in trackpad, so you don't need to bring a mouse to use it. Interestingly, the portable mini PC lacks a built-in display, but the presenters had one interesting reason as to why it didn't include one.

Before we dive into the details of the Linglong foldable keyboard PC, let's first check out its key specifications:

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ProcessorAMD Ryzen 7 8840U
Memory16GB / 32GB
Storage512GB / 1TB M.2 NVMe 2230
Ports1x USB 3.0 Type-A, 1x USB4 Type-C, 1x USB 3.2 Type-C
CommunicationWi-Fi 6, Bluetooth
Battery60Wh (16,000mAh)
Charger100W GaN
Dimensions15 x 10cm
PriceCNY 2,999 (US$ 412) / CNY 3,599 (US$ 495)

Linglong presented its foldable PC as the ultimate mobile device of the future. Its tiny dimensions make it even smaller than other mini PCs, like the MinisForum AtomMax X7. And instead of using a bulky display on its computer, the company suggested that users pair it with AR or VR glasses. The company's marketing material also showed the device being attached to a TV, tablet, or phone, allowing these devices to double as the screen for it, instead.

The company boasts ten hours of battery life for light office work and up to six hours for watching movies. However, heavy workloads and gaming will cut down its useful life to just four hours or so. We should also consider that this doesn't yet take into account the power use of a display. So, if you plug in a screen that takes juice from the keyboard PC, you can expect the battery life to go down significantly if the screen you're using doesn't have its own power supply.

Unfortunately, if you're interested in the possibilities of this device, you won't be able to try it out yet. There are only 200 units available for Beta testing, and we have no news yet as to when this will become available for retail, either in China or globally.

But even though some users say that this is an overpriced device, this is an interesting new form factor that takes advantage of the prevalence of screens everywhere. Linglong aims to revolutionize laptops by allowing its mini PC to use other displays that are available around us (or to even use AR glasses that give users a wider view angle without taking up a lot of space).

Jowi Morales
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  • usertests
    It's flagship 8-core Hawk Point-U and not barebones, so pricing isn't that bad.

    Same concept as a Raspberry Pi 400 and so many keyboard mini computers from the distant past, except it's foldable and has great specs. Not too many ports though, with 1x USB-C DP taken up by the display.
  • TerryLaze
    Nice idea, but the keyboard doesn't look like it would survive for long and unless they are going to offer replacement parts it's gonna be hard to repair.
    The good thing is that only the battery cable goes past the hinge.

    I don't really see a market for them when you can just have a miniPC and a rollable keyboard with you, finding a power outlet is not going to be more difficult than finding a place to set this thing on once unfolded.

    Also ling long would be a great pr0n* name.
  • Notton
    I'm not convinced it needed to fold
  • abufrejoval
    Of course, you'd have to verify the haptics, but the first impression is: cool, I want to have one!

    But then those AR glasses from Xreal were also super cool at first glance, but turned out to be a rather bad disappointment. If they worked as advertised, they'd be a perfect complement.

    I can't see I'd fully trust a review, because Xreal did way too good in those, too.
    But I'd still want to see one.

    Folding is perfection if it's an option also for operation, becasue it turns it into a NUC for use with a proper dock.
    It also shouldn't be a requirement for transport, in case flat and long fits better with everything else.
  • geekinasuit
    Wear and tear breaks down keyboards, sometimes quickly, and there's wide personal preference, but laptops also have a similar issue with a built-in keyboard, so it depends on how well built the KB is. You will have to carry around a portable monitor, therefore not much is gained by including the KB, it's not that much more to carry around. I'd rather it was a small mini-PC that can run on a battery.
  • horaceho
    The corrent bilibili link shoube be:

  • KyaraM
    This looks quite impressive, honestly. I like the idea behind the Pi 400, and this would be a full desktop PC with a battery and keyboard built-in. Only thing needed would be a monitor and mouse. Of course, factors like cooling and keyboard quality have to be considered, too...
  • horaceho said:
    The corrent bilibili link shoube be:


    Exactly. I was about to point that. The original link requires a login, and it takes to some other site address, Emaki CMS instead.

    It's a shame the authors here can't even provide basic links for the readers to view. Even small tech websites are doing FAR better than Tom's HW these days when it comes to news content, and the quality of reporting.
  • KiltJoy
    Prebuild marketing opportunity. Similar to the laser-projected keyboard that was featured in a CSI tv episode, the foldable keyboard to personal goggles is an easy add-on to any hacker movie.

    I can see the use case in a crowded airplane setting, but then limited or no internet connectivity limits the usefulness of trying to "work". I use an older laptop for the living room TV, this could replace, at a low price-point.
  • t3t4
    I think this a great idea overall. While I don't have any use for it, I still kinda want one.