8 Great Minecraft 3D Prints You Should Try

Best Minecraft 3D Prints
(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

If you own a 3D printer, you can fuel your passion for Minecraft games by downloading and 3D printing these interesting 8 designs.

One of the most exciting aspects of Minecraft is its unique visual style and all the details it contains. The marketplace is filled with Minecraft action figures, Legos and other toys. However, you don’t need to head to the store as there are numerous, free 3D models you can print at home.

If you search for “Minecraft” on leading design repositories such as Thingiverse or Printables, you’ll find hundreds of STL files available right now. However, not all of them are equally worthy of your time. These are the best 8 Minecraft prints we’ve seen. Just download the file(s), slice them in your slicer and send them to your printer, perhaps one of the best 3D printers.

1. Articulated Steve

(Image credit: Kirby Downey)

Steve is an iconic character model that is the main protagonist in the game, and it features a blocky humanoid figure. It wears a light blue shirt, blue jeans, gray shoes, and a light brown beard stubble. Steve’s hair is dark brown, and his skin is a rich brown, with blue eyes.

The design comes with five parts: the arms, head, legs, pickaxe and torso. The designer 3D recommends printing the model at a resolution of 0.15mm and a 15% infill with supports. 

Designer and link to download: Kirby Downey via Myminifactory

Number of downloads: 4,074

2. Minecraft Creeper Mini Figure Kit

(Image credit: Chiz)

This is a quick-to-print and assemble design, and you can effortlessly detach the parts from the frame by simply twisting them without the need for cutters or clippers. You can use the kit as a display piece and a functional keychain ornament, and you can download the files, open them in any 3D modeling software or STL editor, and customize them based on your needs.

Despite its small size, the figure maintains the distinctive cubic body with its signature sad expression. It's a great way to showcase your love for the game or add Minecraft flair to your keychain.

Designer and link to download: Chiz via Printables

Number of Downloads: 4,137


(Image credit: Youbit)

These Minecraft sword keychains provide a great way to showcase your love for the game while adding a touch of gamer style to your keys, and they can also spark a conversation when you meet with your fellow gamers. You can also download and 3D print them and give them to your closest friends, kids, or anyone who you know enjoys Minecraft games.

Designer and link to download: Youbit via Cults3D

Number of Downloads: 2,800

4. Textured Minecraft Grass Block Box

(Image credit: MARCELWO41EDYNKI)

A textured Minecraft Grass Block Box is another attractive Minecraft design whose lid is designed to resemble the top face of a grass block, complete with the signature vibrant green color and coarse texture that players recognize from Minecraft's blocky landscapes. 

The lid fits well, just like a puzzle piece, and it is removable. It is about 69 mm³, and the interior dimensions measure around 58 * 58 * 60 mm. You can 3D print the design and use it to decorate your desk or gaming setup. It can also serve as a great gift for a family member or friend with a gaming passion. The designer has provided STL files that anyone can download and customize based on their needs. It should be 3D printed with supports, especially the lid, but the base doesn’t require supports. 

Designer and link to download: MARCELWO41EDYNKI via Cults3D

Number of Downloads: 852

5. Minecraft Chess Set

(Image credit: Guilbert Benjamin)

Minecraft chess set not only offers the classic game of chess but also adds a delightful layer of Minecraft-themed strategy and fun. It's an excellent way for fans of both chess and Minecraft to enjoy a unique gaming experience that combines the best of both worlds. 

Just like the rest above that we have described, this set makes for a fantastic gift, a collectible item, or a centerpiece for your gaming setup. It has eight parts, and the designer printed it with a layer height of 0.1mm and a 10% infill.

Designer and link to download: Guilbert Benjamin via Myminifactory

Number of downloads: 2,100

6. Minecraft Block Lamp

(Image credit: Bithur_Factory)

A Minecraft block lamp is a decorative piece replicating one of the game's recognizable blocks, like the grass block we have just described above. The lamp emits a soft and comforting glow, making it a great bedside lamp. 

You can also place it on a desk, shelf, or any spot where you can emit the light well. Whether reading, gaming, or simply relaxing, the Minecraft block lamp creates a warm and inviting atmosphere with a nod to your favorite virtual world.

Once you 3D print the parts, you can use glue to stick the four faces together and you add an LED strip. The designer recommends using 100% infill, a layer height of 0.2mm, and no supports or rafts are required.

Designer and link to download: Bithur_Factory via Cults3D

Number of downloads: 827

7. Minecraft Portal Style Phone Charging Dock With Animation

(Image credit: Impresoen3D)

The swirling pattern and vibrant colors of the Minecraft portal-style phone charging dock replicate the Nether portal from Minecraft. It adds a practical functionality of a phone charging dock and a touch of interactivity to your charging experience through the animations. 

You can put a phone measuring 80 x 165 x 12.8mm inside. If your phone is smaller, you can scale the design until you achieve the perfect size. You can use glue to stick the detachable pieces together. No need to use supports when 3D printing, and the designer recommends using 8% v-roid infill, four overlayers, and four underlayers. 

Designer and link to download: Impresoen3D via Cults3D

Number of downloads: 1,300

8. Minecraft Chest Single and Double

(Image credit: Spradlinb)

You can download and 3D print these Minecraft boxes and use them for storing your items and keeping them secure and organized. The single chest provides a single storage compartment with 27 available item slots. The double chest, on the other hand, is an expanded version of the single chest and provides a much larger storage capacity. 

You can 3D print each panel without a brim. When 3D printing the double chest, the designer recommends printing with an infill of 20%, 0.2mm resolution, and no need for rafts and supports.

Designer and link to download: Spradlinb via Printables

Number of downloads: 1,465

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