Minisforum releases its first portable monitor — 15.6-inch, 144 Hz, 1440p for $189

Minisforum MSS-A156 portable monitor
(Image credit: Minisforum)

Minisforum continues to widen its product portfolio, this time with a portable monitor dubbed the MSS-A156. The name implies its 15.6-inch size, but further specs include the monitor’s 2560 x 1440 resolution, 144 Hz refresh rate (with FreeSync), 100% DCI-P3 color coverage, and 10-point touch support. The MSS-A156 is available now for $189.

The best portable monitors are aimed at enhancing productivity on the go. A fairly typical use-case might be to add a second screen to a laptop, to double the screen real estate for a user jet-setting from hotel to hotel. We have seen a few portable monitors that could appeal to gamers though, and the Minisforum MSS-A156 might fill this niche with its fast refresh and FreeSync compatibility.

Minisforum claims that the display can crank up to 400 nits of brightness, offers an HDR mode, and has the wide viewing angles and 1,000:1 contrast ratio you would expect of an IPS panel.

Portable monitors should also be compact, light, and sturdy and offer the ports you need for connectivity. Minisforum mentions that its MSS-A156 measures 357 x 223 x 4 mm, but we think the 4 mm figure only refers to the thinnest section of the monitor. In the section where the ports and physical controls are located, it looks thicker. The MSS-A156 is said to weigh 900 g (about 2 pounds), but again there is some uncertainty about this spec – we are unsure if that number includes the magnetic protective case that also works as a stand. This monitor is made from aluminum alloy.

The magnetic case / stand facilitates both landscape and portrait monitor modes. There isn’t a sensor to auto-adjust this for you though, you will have to make adjustments in your operating system.

The MSS-A156 can be used via a single USB Type-C connection. Minisforum says you can connect computers, smartphones, tablets, consoles, and cameras to its monitor. Most modern devices can use USB Type-C, but there is a Mini HDMI socket, power adaptor, and Micro USB port for older gadgets to connect. There’s also a headphone jack in the bezel on the same side as the on / off switch and + / - keys for fiddling with the OSD. Lastly, there are stereo 1W speakers built into this portable display.

Minisforum announced the availability of the MSS-A156 Portable Monitor on its site via both its US and Japan stores on its Discord channel. When we checked the US link also had links for buyers from the EU and UK. At the time of writing the MSS-A156 is listed at $189, which is claimed to be a $34 discount from the regular price. It's unclear how long that will last.

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  • sjkpublic
    As a fan of NUC's I really like the idea of a portable monitor. There is more flexibility with a NUC and portable monitor than with a notebook/laptop.