Foremay Claims ''World's Fastest'' 1.8-inch SSDs

Tuesday Pasadena-based Foremay, Inc. announced that it shipped the "world's fastest" super-slim SSDs using standard 1.8-inch micro SATA SSD interfaces.

Ranging in thickness from 5-mm to 3.3-mm, the new Foremay SSDs--the SC199, EC188 and OC177 product families--will deliver read/write speeds up to 280 MB/s, and 4 KB random IOPS of 30,000 (read) and 15,000 (write). The drives will also offer capacities up to 400 GB and arrive in a form factor 7-mm less than an American Express card.

According to Foremay, the SSDs will be capable of being deployed in high-end laptops, industrial PCs, HPC and enterprise servers.

"By offering both commercial and industrial operating temperatures, the 1.8-inch SATA SSD empowers design engineers with great flexibility and easy use for designing the next generation of slim and compact size computers for commercial, enterprise and industrial applications," said Foremay VP of Marketing Jason Hoover.

In its announcement Tuesday, Foremay said that the SC199 family was built for industrial operating temperatures using a 5-mm thickness and metal housing. The EC188 model will be for commercial operating temperatures and will also sport a 5-mm thickness and metal housing. The OC177 will be the thinnest of the batch, arriving in a 3.3-mm thick housing-free design for both commercial and industrial operating temperatures.

Currently all three SSD families offer additional models ranging from 1.8-inch IDE models to 3.5-inch SCSI versions. Although pricing was not provided, the SSDs can be purchased straight from the manufacturer.

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    amazing... imagine ssd's 10 years to come from now :)
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    So I can plug it in my iPod ?