3DTV Coming to Blu-ray, Philips Demonstrates

While 3DTV could be the next big thing and a standard for it is being looked at using Blu-ray, Philips gets impatient and shows us how it’s done.

The next big thing Hollywood is hoping to bring to your living room is 3D television and the medium of choice looks to be Blu-ray. According to Xbitlabs, an undisclosed senior executive for a large consumer electronics company has said “The first real stereo 3D for the home will be via Blu-ray and for that you need a standard format. If everything goes perfectly this could happen in 2010 or 2011, but it never goes like that. Hopefully there will not be a format war."

In related news, Philips has announced Monday it will be demonstrating 3D on Blu-ray at IFA 2008 next week.

Last month the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) had announced they would be investigating the possible standard for 3DTV. Intel has also announced an initiative with DreamWorks last week to increase the number of movies available in 3D while helping to also provide animators and film makers with the tools needed to produce them. There seems to be a craze about 3D viewing in the industry this month. 3D movies are already available for viewing in thousands of cinemas, using REAL D technology, bringing that same 3D experience home though poses increased challenges for the industry .

Current 3D technology used in cinemas require the viewer to wear polarized glasses to experience the 3D effect; a requirement that some believe may inhibit it from becoming popular in the home. The same 3D technology also requires a special projector be used to display the image, making existing home theater setups currently incompatible.

There are 3D technologies though that currently do not require any special headgear, such as Philips’ WOWvx display screens, which allow for several viewers to experience the 3D effect. As what may be the first step to successfully bringing 3DTV to homes and Blu-ray, Philips has announced they will be showcasing at IFA 2008 three of their new 3D display products for professional use, a 52-inch, a 22-inch and an 8-inch, with expected releases starting Q4. Philips will also be demonstrating a massive 132-inch 3D display.

It seems Philips just couldn’t wait for the rest of the industry to catch up and has gone ahead without them.