Samsung intros 8 GByte FB-DIMM

Samsung to launched an 8 GByte version of its FB-DIMM memory series for servers. The module is built with 32 DDR2-533/667 devices, each with 2 Gbit capacity. According to Samsung, FB-DIMM architecture overcomes the previous limitation of a two-to-four module capacity per channel. A FB-DIMM system's DRAM module content can be increased to as many as eight modules without reducing the speed, the firm said.

The FB-DIMMs technology foundation is common DDR2 SDRAM, but features a revised module design. All signals (clock, address, command and data) to and from the DRAM on the module are buffered at the high-speed advanced memory buffer (AMB) chip located on the DIMM. This helps to secure the DRAM timing margins during high-speed operation with a much shorter signal path between the DRAM and the AMB.

The FB-DIMM also adopts a Point-to-Point connection on the bus between the memory controller and the DIMM, as well as between the DIMMs, which enables increased bus speed with a shorter connection path.