AMD FX Series Processors Hit Pre-Order

AMD's FX-Series ("Bulldozer") is expected to be release in Q4, following the release of its Opteron server based processors. We get our first sign that the release may be sooner than later, with the CPUs going up for pre-order on retail sites such as Bottom-line Telecommunications (BLT). BLT has the FX-8150 priced at $266.28, the FX-8120 priced at $221.73, and the FX-6100 priced at $188.32. We can expect the final release price to come in very close to these prices (past history has shown AMD's 1K quantity price to be $10 to $15 lower than retail price).

The AMD FX-Series processors are based on their new "Bulldozer" micro-architecture. The FX-8150 has 8-cores, clocked at 3.60 GHz, and 16 MB of cache. The FX-8120 has 8-cores, clocked at 3.10 GHz, and 16 MB of cache. The FX-6100 has 6-cores, clocked at 3.30 GHz, and 14 MB of cache.

The table below contains a summary of FX-6100, FX-8120 and FX-8150 details:

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ModelCoresThreadsFrequencyTurbo FrequencyL2 cacheL3 cacheTDPPrice
FX-Series FX-6100663.3 GHz3.9 GHz6 MB8 MB95 Watt$188.32
FX-Series FX-8120883.1 GHz4 GHz8 MB8 MB125 Watt$221.73
FX-Series FX-8150883.6 GHz4.2 GHz8 MB8 MB125 Watt$266.28

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  • dogman_1234
    Not on Newegg yet, but definitely online.
  • upgrade_1977
    Hmm....8 cores for under $300 bucks? Sounds interesting and tempting, but ill wait for the benchmarks.
  • ben850
    My body is ready!!!!
  • Hellbound
    Ok ok.. Enough of the foreplay.. Show me the benchmarks!!!!
  • I wonder whats the fastest clocking cpu out there (cough *click it* cough):

    get the news on it elsewhere though cause its not here! :P
  • tbq
    Sadly for AMD, not releasing benchmarks and engineering samples to everyone long in advance is strong evidence that Bulldozer isn't the powerhouse we all hoped it would be. Intel released benchmarks and specs for Conroe many, many months before release and many of us doubted the benchmarks at first because they completely blew away the Athlon in almost every benchmark. If AMD really had such a winner with the the new chip, they wouldn't NDA everyone for so long.

    Either way, the new chips will probably be the best bang for your buck CPU seen to date.
  • aznshinobi
    OHHH MAHHH GAWDDD! The FX4100 is going to be cheaper than expected! Even better time to upgrade to a chip that can OC so well :D
  • Zero_
    *whispers* TH already have their hands on some chips *shh*
  • johnsmithhatesVLC
    Hopefully this will actually give Intel some competition. The i5 2500K quad core beats AMD's six core processor.
  • beenthere
    I love the logic and theories professed... You'll just have to wait a few more weeks to see Zambezi CPUs that OC to 5 Gig.s on air. Then you can decide for yourself if you think you got your money's worth for $300.