AMD FX-Series Lineup Revealed in CPU Support List

Now available for full perusal is a list of supported Bulldozer processors from a Gigabyte CPU compatibility list. We see the final stepping will be B2 for the upcoming Bulldozer release, which is rumored to be in the September/October release window. The FX-8150 is clocked at 3.6 GHz, 8-cores, TDP of 125W and system bus at 5200 MT/s (up from 4000 MT/s of previous generations). You'll notice the FX-8120 listed both TDP of 125W and 95W. You should expect on initial launch, the 125W TDP models will be the first to the market, later followed by the 95W TDP chips.

The FX-6100 is clocked at 3.3 GHz, 6-cores, TDP of 95W, along with system bus at 5200 MT/s. The FX-4100 is clocked at 3.6 GHz, 4-cores, TDP of 95W, along with bus at 5200 MT/s. One might begin to piece together that the FX-6100 and FX-4100 are likely to be Zambezi with 1 module and 2 modules disabled, respectively, rather than native 3-module / 2-module dies. (Do I see an unlocked FX-4100 to an FX-8150 in my future?)
All CPUs feature 8MB L3 cache and are based on 32nm process. To get a better understanding of the artiture of the Bulldozer, check out the latest information here: AMD's Bulldozer: More Design Details Surface 

vendorCPU ModelFrequencyL2
Core NameSteppingWattageSystem
Since BIOS Version
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  • drumsrule786
    These better kick sandy bridge's ass, not because I don't like intel, but they have had practically no competition lately.
  • wintermint
    Looks good but release it already!
  • Anonymous
    Still not caring until I can see some performance numbers.

    I was hoping they would somehow increase their core performance to the point they can match Intel's 4 core i5 2500k with their 4 core Bulldozer chip, allowing their 8 core to not be slower then an i7 2600k in any situation and faster in some.

    But then they keep delaying and I got this gut feeling its going to be another Phenom II x6 situation where it is kinda faster in some applications but slower most of the time and the cost savings really aren't that great.
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  • wintermint
    Looks good but release it already!
  • beenthere
    Gigabyte has updated the CPU compatibility list on all of their 900 series chipset AM3+ mobos. The 800 series AM3+ mobos has not been updated yet so they are probably validating those mobos next.
  • shinkueagle
    Yeah!! Im buying it this Xmas!! :D