AMD Announcing A-Series, FX-Series in June

A leaked schedule has revealed AMD's planned launch events for June 2011, a important month for the company where consumers finally get their hands on the highly-anticipated Fusion and Bulldozer platforms.

The AMD mega-rollout begins with Computex on June 1 and the announcement of the AMD A-Series "Sabine" notebook platform (bearing the Llano APU) for Asia, and AMD's VISION 2011 world-wide branding. The show will also serve as the launchpad for AMD's 900-series chipsets.

Immediately following Computex, AMD plans to reveal the FX-Series brand/logo and the AM3+ platform on June 7 at E3 2011. Following that, the Sabine platform is expected to launch in Asia on June 12 as AMD kicks off the Fusion Developer Summit.

According to the schedule, the next big announcement won't take place until June 14 at the AMD 2011 Client Launch Event where the company is expected to officially announce the A-Series Sabine (notebook) and A-Series Lynx (desktop) platforms for the rest of the world. VISION 2011 is also expected to launch at the event.

Finally, on June 28, AMD is scheduled to launch the Sabine notebook platform worldwide. Unfortunately, the schedule did not indicate when the Lynx platform will hit the market although there's speculation that it may arrive in July.

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  • bobdozer
    Intel is about to get Athlon'd.
  • James296
    I smell competition coming back into cpu market and it smells gooooood :)
  • Ragnar-Kon
    bobdozerIntel is about to get Athlon'd.

    I'm not holding my breath. Going to take a lot for Intel to be overrun by AMD. I will say that I do think the Fusion platform has a chance to destroy Intel in the mobile markets, only time will tell.

    But, being the AMD fan I am, can't help but get excited.