AMD: Xbox 720 to Have Avatar-level Graphics

We've already heard talk of DirectX 11 and an E3 2012 launch for the newest Xbox console and now AMD is adding that the console will be capable of producing graphics with Avatar-levels of detail. Referring to the smash-hit movie that put 3D on the map, Examiner cites director of ISV relationships at AMD, Neal Robison, as saying Xbox fans have a lot to be excited about.

Aside from stunning graphics, Robison is quoted as saying that the next-generation console from Microsoft will boast A.I. and physics capabilities that will allow for every pedestrian in a games like Grand Theft Auto or Saints Row 'to have a totally individual mentality'. That means no more of the mob mentality that sees everyone just running away screaming, each character will do something different.

The Examiner is using August's issue of Official Xbox Magazine as a source for the information, but AMD has not confirmed that it is working on the Xbox 720. Similarly, Microsoft has not confirmed any details regarding the new system. Elsewhere in the market, Nintendo just introduced the next generation Wii, the Wii U, which is scheduled for launch next year. Sony is also rumored to be working on the PS4, which is also expected in 2012.

  • RabidFace
    While this doesn't seem out of reach at all, considering the video chipsets out right now, and what is can still come, there is just something about this article......I can't put my finger on it........
  • crisan_tiberiu
    Its about time...
  • alhanelem
    i really dont care how much they are over exaggerating on the graphical improvements just as long as they are NOTICEABLE!!!!
  • Yargnit
    Was the recent Unreal engine demo that required Tri-SLI GTX580's even Avatar quality? I can't imagine the new Xbox having that much graphics horsepower if it's coming out within the next two years unless it's going to cost more than the PS3 did at launch. I'd be impressed if it had more horsepower than a single GTX580 if it launches by holiday 2012 at $400 or less.
  • joytech22
    There are NO games that have come out or are coming out in the near future (next year) with graphics that would even compare to Avatar's CGI.
  • shin0bi272
    So they are going to put a dx11 card in the new console. Where's the surprise here? It was announced by lord iD himself John Carmack that pc's were a generation ahead of consoles earlier this year or late last year.

    What I find surprising is that they claim it will do avatar level of graphics... did they mean avatar the pc game? cause Im pretty sure that the avatar cgi was done on huge server farms not a console the size of a laptop. They are also claiming it will do physics... so are we now to be forced into choosing bullet or physx based on the game we buy? Way to get the kids hopes up AMD.
  • molo9000
    Yeah..... right.....

    It took more than a months on a big server farm to render avatar.
    It's going to be at least a decade before consumer decices can render that sort of graphics in real time.
  • commandersozo
    @Yargnit: Consoles are always better at utilizing the full potential of their hardware, thus Avatar level graphics might not be out of reach for the next Xbox.
  • edwinjr
    It's hyperbole
  • idono
    Saw this yesterday. Will say the same thing. AMD shot it self in the foot. Or even better. They took a saw and sawed off their entier legg.