AMD Demos Eyefinity on FirePro W9000 Workstation GPU

We caught some video of two demonstrations of the AMD W9000 at SIGGRAPH 2012:

This video wall was on the side of the AMD booth. It was being fed 4K resolution images by a single AMD W9000 workstation GPU, implemented as a single Eyefinity group.

And inside, AMD used a W9000 to drive five displays for a flight simulator- two large displays covering an arced field of view for the main viewpoint, and three smaller displays covering instrumentation and the lower window of the cockpit. You’ll notice that when the person uses the hat on the controller to look sideways, several of the displays pivot in synchronization -- pretty good performance across multiple displays too.


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  • dalethepcman
    Now if only we could get a review...
  • Lord Captivus
    Someone need to patent the use of a touchscreen for the switches in these kind of games, and you can use it when playing on desktop, that would be nice...probably someone already has...or i just lose a few millions...
    You could play with 3 monitors and a "tablet" for all the switches and buttons..and whatever...
  • stellato12
    Awwwww! It's not over 9000 :(