AOC Updates 16" Portable Display With USB 3, Slim Design

AOC said on Wednesday that it has introduced a new version of its 15.6-inch USB monitor, the AOC E1659FWU. Building on the former E1649FWU model (which last we heard had a price drop), it now supports USB 3.0 and the latest DisplayLink software. This likely means better video output streaming to the display when watching Netflix, YouTube or simply moving the mouse across the extended desktop thanks to USB 3.0's faster speeds. Otherwise, this model is nearly identical to the older version.

As before, this USB display sports a 15.6-inch LED-lit screen with a 1366 x 768 resolution at 60 Hz. It's actually 13 mm thinner than the older model, and easily converts from landscape to portrait mode using a secure, foldable metallic stand. Other hardware specs include a typical brightness of 200 cd/m2, a static contrast ratio of 500:1, a response time of 5 ms, 16.5 million colors, and a maximum power consumption of 7 watts.

"We’re excited to expand the product portfolio with AOC and to power their latest USB 3.0 portable monitor," said John Cummins, Vice President Sales and Marketing for DisplayLink. "The growing diversity of platforms from PC, Ultrabooks, tablets and products like Surface Pro can all benefit from a second display, and the new E1659FWU makes this easy via a single USB cable only."

For those used to working on multiple displays in the home or office, this new USB-based screen is ideal for trips to the local library or a convention's hotel room on the other side of the continent. It comes with its own monitor carry case for complete flexibility when traveling and easily fits in most notebook bags, the company said.

"When developing the new model of our popular 16-inch Portable USB Monitor, we listened to our customers to include updates like a slimmer profile, a protective carrying case and USB 3.0 technology for faster transfer speeds and improved image quality," said Chris Brown, AOC Global Marketing Manager. "We’re happy to continue our relationship with DisplayLink, ensuring interoperability for IT managers with the considerable installed base of DisplayLink enabled devices, while also providing a low power solution perfectly matching our customers’ needs."

Set to ship on August 5, the E1659FWU monitor is now available for pre-sale at for $139 USD.

UPDATE: AOC sent over a list of primary differences between the new model and the previous version:

* Video Input: USB 3.0 vs USB 2.0 in previous model
* 5 ms response time vs. 16 ms in previous model
* Color 16.7M vs. 262K in previous model
* Lower power consumption (now 7 Watts Max.)
* New model is Energy Star and EPEAT compliant
* New model has modern metallic stand; old model has rotating plastic stand
* New model has Smart UI to adjust USB monitor via PC software
* New model is VESA 75 mm Wall Mount Compliant
* Includes a carrying case (this is something that was specifically requested by consumers)
* Much slimmer body (this makes the monitor even more portable and laptop bag ready, another consumer request)

  • BringMeAnother
    Why not upgrade the resolution too? There are currently no USB screen with 1080p except for the 22in AOC which is too large to fit in my bag.
  • Estix
    While I would love one of these in 1080p, for the price I really can't complain :-)

    And good on them for listening to what the customers wanted!
  • InvalidError
    11242221 said:
    Why not upgrade the resolution too?
    Considering the relatively low cost and size, I'm guessing there are two key factors:
    1- high availability of screens with that somewhat bastardy resolution at that size
    2- falling demand for that resolution on laptops due to more people demanding full-HD (if you can have 1080p on 4-7" screen for as little as $200, why settle for any less on a 16" one?)

    If you have a large supply or inventory of cheap panels that are becoming more difficult to sell, you need new products to stimulate sales and keep inventory rolling.
  • eodeo
    can it connect to the likes of nexus 7? and if so... i still dont see why I'd want this when I'm on the go...
  • InvalidError
    11244424 said:
    can it connect to the likes of nexus 7? and if so...
    No MHL or HDMI support listed on that display so no.

    The display is also USB-powered with up to 7W so you need a high-current (2A) USB3 port to feed it. This may also be part of the reason for the low definition - refreshing more pixels takes a little more power and you also need a brighter backlight to offset the higher proportion of obstructions and losses.