Acer Reveals Android Plans: Q3 '09

Acer today became the first company to announce plans to manufacture an Android netbook, giving it an arrival date of Q3 2009.

"Today's netbooks are not close to perfection at all. In two years, it will all be very different," said Acer’s global president for IT products Jim Wong. Speaking at Computex, Wong explained that if netbooks and mobile internet devices do not continue to evolve, people won’t want to buy them anymore, adding that they won’t be taking away the Windows-based netbooks rather offer both.

There’s nothing solid on price, though reports suggest it will be cheaper than the XP version. The only information we have is that the Intel Atom-based machine is set for a Q3 release. It’s also better than SkyTone’s Android offering which up until now, was the only netbook running the Google OS. At $250 for an ARM powered, 800 x 480 7-inch netbook, with 128 MB DDR2 and a 1 GB SSD, the Alpha 680 is unimpressive. With SkyTone's unit in "final testing" the race is on to become the first one to produce an Android netbook. Let's hope Acer doesn't disappoint