Adata Launches the XPG V2 3100 Overclocking Memory

Following a “special cooperation” with motherboard manufacturer ASRock, ADATA has launched its XPG V2 3100 overclocking memory. It is fully compatible with Intel’s Z87 platform and direct overclocking via XMP 1.3 (Extreme Memory Profile), having passed “strict compatibility testing” and attaining a QVL (Qualified Vendor List) certification.

As suggested by its name, the XPG V2 3100 can be clocked at a remarkable 3100 MHz (CL12-14-14-36 at 1.65V) through XMP profile 1, which provides a peak transfer rate of 24,800 MB/s. Finally, the modules are RoHS and JEDEC compliant and utilize an aluminum heat sink, 8-layer PCB, and ADATA’s Thermal Conductive Technology (TCT) to reduce module temperatures.

The ADATA XPG V2 3100 will be available as an 8 GB kit (2 x 4 GB) in a choice of two colors: gold and tungsten grey, at a yet-to-be-determined retail price.

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