Alienware Offers Workstation Graphics In M15x Notebook

Alienware has begun offering Nvidia’s Quadro FX 3600M GPU as a $600 option for its 15.4" Area-51 m15x notebook. According to the manufacturer, the hardware upgrade allows designers and engineers to work in complex, real-time, photorealistic environments throughout an array of CAD, DCC and scientific applications.

Alienware also offers an NVIDIA Quadro FX 1600M on the Area-51 m9750 and said it will soon offer the Quadro FX 3600M on the Area-51 m17x.

The Area-51 m15x is priced from $1500. A fully loaded model costs about $5000.

  • falchard
    I don't think Mobile technology is to the point were a professional who would need a CAD program would want to use a laptop. However, you can get a pretty descent running CAD card by using one of the ATI HD cards. That processing 4 pieces of information on 1 stream processor is very nifty in displaying polies.