Amazon Selling PC Games Crazy Cheap Today Only

If you're looking for something interesting but cheap to play on your sparkling new hardware, Amazon has kicked-off a huge one-day sale on downloadable PC games. While Amazon isn't exactly community-driven like Steam, the online retailer retains the purchase within the cloud, allowing customers to download their game now or later. This definitely comes in handy when hard drives give up the ghost.

Amazon's sale consists of 21 titles ranging from the original Dead Space to Crysis 2. Prices range from $5.00 USD to $34.99 USD. The cheapest games you'll find here are Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, Dead Space and Duke Nukem Forever for Mac. Here's the complete list:

Alice: Madness Returns ($7.49)ANNO 2070
($34.99)Battlefield Bad Company 2
($7.99)Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam - Expansion [Online Game Code]
($7.99)Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box
($5.00)Civilization IV and V - Pack
($17.98)Crysis Maximum Edition
($8.99)Crysis 2
($9.99)Dead Space
($5.00)Dead Space 2
($7.99)Dragon Age Pack
($11.99)Dragon Age Pack [Mac]
($11.99)Duke Nukem Forever [Mac
] ($5.00)Medal of Honor
($7.99)Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
($7.99)Sid Meiers Civilization IV: The Complete Edition
($8.99)Sid Meier's Civilization V
($7.99)Spore [Mac]

Also, here's a list of instructions regarding game keys and re-downloading:

If your product requires keys or codes you can retrieve them from Your Game Library by following these instructions:
1. Finish downloading your game
2. Visit Your Game Library at
3. Find your game in the list
4. Click on the "View Product Key" button.

You will also be able to re-download your game again whenever you want from Your Game Library by clicking on the "Download" button.

If you need more information, please visit Amazon Game Downloads Help:

  • phamhlam
    Crysis 2 for $10? Are you kidding me?
  • skaz
    Awesome find thank you Toms! I'm going to finally give crysis 2 a try at $10.
  • rohitbaran
    Well, pretty attractive prices, but I have bought many AAA games more often with under $10 prices on steam.
  • rad666
    Crysis 2 for $10? At least now people may actually by their benchmarking software...
  • These sales are nothing new. Amazon has had these games on sale at the same/lower prices throughout January. The only thing special about today is that they're all on sale at once.
    That being said, if you still have the $5 promotional code (from buying a digital PC game from Amazon during December), use it now before it expires.
    Also, many Amazon digital games activate on Steam or Origin. Just activate it using the key you get.
    Finally, Duke Nukem Forever should activate on Steam, and Steam will give you the PC version too for it.
  • sunflier
    I am a FPS for PC and have played many, MANY FPS games and I LOVED Crysis. But I got Crysis 2 for $10 from Steam about 2-3mos ago. I played through first 3 or 4 levels and just couldn't bring myself to carry on. Graphics aside (which were 'ok') I could NOT see a parallel between Crysis & Crysis 2. It was a boring story line. Not sure if I agree with the side missions either. Just wasn't the same Crysis I was used too. If I could sell my Steam copy I would.
  • bigdragon
    Anyone notice a pattern with all these titles on sale? Most of it is EA shovel-ware. I suppose it is better to buy through Amazon than to get this stuff through Origin. I've had more problems with Origin in a couple months than I've had with Steam since its beginning. At least with Amazon purchases you don't have to worry about having what you did buy suddenly disappear.
  • matt_b
    thejerm333These sales are nothing new. Amazon has had these games on sale at the same/lower prices throughout January. Yes, for the past two months they have had a lot of impressive sales. What was even sweeter was that they had most of these sales over the course of December (and many more) and included a $5 credit for a purchase in January - making many titles this past month on this list free if they were only $5 (or darn close). I have been very impressed with Amazon and their prices, if only they could develop a central area on dedicated to games where you could log in and view what you have and so on. I'm picturing something kin to Steam's game library page on their client - not just a purchase history within your account.
  • marciocattini
    Anyone knows how to download these games from overseas? any good free proxy servers?
  • jaber2
    Been so long since I played these types of games, I will try civilization.