Antec Launches EarthWatts Platinum PSU Series

Recently, Antec has announced the release of its 80Plus Platinum certified EarthWatts PSUs. This marks Antec's first Platinum-certified power supplies and an upgrade to the EarthWatts family to the highest standard of efficiency. The new EarthWatts PSUs offer users up to 93 percent energy efficiency compared to prior models, while saving users on average up to 25 percent on their electric bill.

Antec offers a 3-year quality warranty, a whisper-quiet 120mm DBB fan controlled by Antec’s Thermal Manager that uses CircuitShield for seven levels of protection. Antec's CircuitShield helps protect your computer with Over Current Protection (OCP), Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Under Voltage Protection (UVP), Short Circuit Protection (SCP), Over Power Protection (OPP), Surge & Inrush Protection (SIP) and Brown-Out Protection (BOP). Antec uses all Japanese capacitors and two fully-protected High Current +12V rails with high load capabilities to ensure maximum CPU & GPU compatibility.

The one downside to the new EarthWatts Platinum PSUs is that Antec didn't offer a modular design with the upgrade to the series. With more and more builders and enthusiast looking for a modular PSU for better cable management, this writer would've liked to see Antec incorporate a modular design or at least its Advanced Hybrid Cable Management design used with the EA-750 PSU.

Pricing for the EarthWatts Platinum PSU:

  • EA-450 Platinum is around $110
  • EA-550 Platinum is around $120
  • EA-650 Platinum is around $130

Learn more about the EarthWatts Platinum power supplies at Antec's website.

  • phamhlam
    It would have been nice to see it be modular. Other than that, I love the efficiency.

  • hellfire24
    Antec FTW!
  • gilbertfh
    I know when you consider the prices compared to less noteworthy rivals it seems expensive but I have had nothing but luck with ANTEC PSU. I would love to see a review of these.
  • EzioAs
    By only adding $10, you'll get 100W increase. Surely people would but the 650W over the other 2, I mean that's the best buy to me for sure
  • dimar
    Is it physically possible to 'eventually' get 100% efficiency??
  • nikorr
    Cool, but that EA-450 Platinum @ around $110 looks rather expensive.
  • UmeNNis
    dimarIs it physically possible to 'eventually' get 100% efficiency??No.
  • Darkk
    Funny about Antec's timing since Anandtech (Sorry Tom's) just did a review on Seasonic's new line of PSU.

    I personally been using Antec's earthwatts for years and it's been great. Now am I am tempting to get Seasonic. Hopefully soon Tom's can review Antec's as well.

  • nukemaster
    dimarIs it physically possible to 'eventually' get 100% efficiency??If you could, the power supply would make NO heat. Would be sweet, but not going to happen in my lifetime I would guess.
  • Darkk
    nukemasterIf you could, the power supply would make NO heat. Would be sweet, but not going to happen in my lifetime I would guess.
    You can if you use cryo cooling system. Expensive idea but it could work.