Antec Releases the "One" PC Case for Budget-minded Builds

Antec announced the release of its One computer case, which is the latest in its Gaming Series. The case is designed for the budget-minded and enthusiast builders alike. The case has a similar look to the newer Antec Three Hundred Two at a smaller size and price point. The Antec Three Hundred Two can be found for $70, while the One can be found for $55. The One marks the continual trend of Antec to move toward 1) tool-less drive bays, 2) rail-mount (side-ways) hard drive bays, and 3) PSU Air Filter for the bottom mounted PSU.     

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Detailed Specifications:

Cooling System: One 120 mm top exhaust fan, One 120 mm rear exhaust fan and three optional 120 mm fans (side intake, front intake, and bottom fan (or 140 mm option))

Drive Bays: Three 5.25" drive bays, Five 3.5" drive bays and Two 2.5" drive bays

Front Ports: USB 3.0 with included USB 2.0 adapter and Audio In/Out

Expansion Slots / video card size: Seven expansion slots and 10.5" (266 mm) maximum video card size

Motherboard Support: Standard ATX, microATX, Mini-ITX

CPU Cutout: Maximum-sized CPU

Dimensions: 18.2" (H) x 9.5" (W) x 20.9" (D)

Weight: Net Weight: 10.8 lbs and Gross Weight: 12.5 lbs

Maximum CPU cooler height: 6.1"

For more information on the Antec One, please visit its product page at Antec's website.

  • e56imfg
    Well this looks interesting. Might get one for my budget build.
  • jiangyi
    Interesting case, but it's going to take a lot to move me away from the HAF 912 from a price-performance perspective.....
  • jhansonxi
    I dislike the PSU intake on the bottom. Obviously won't work on a carpeted floor. It would also have problems on a desk where mouse pads, papers, and cables are pushed up against the bottom or slide underneath. A sideways mount with the intake through the side would be better.
  • boju
    correct me if im wrong but it looks all messed up. theres no bottom fan? Just the top! and the psu is the wrong way around.. Where’s the psu intake fan that suppose to be on top? Can’t see it, might be the picture quality. What’s going on lol?
  • tecmo34
    @boju: The picture with the components in the case, shows the top fan and the rear fan attached to Antec's sealed liquid cooling kit. As for the PSU, the case has a bottom in-take, so the PSU's fan is facing down to draw in fresh air from outside of the case, instead of drawing hot air from within the case.
  • I have the original Antec 300, and by looking at these new version 2 cases, it feels like antec decided to go cheaper quality material, and tanka toy looks. When the times comes for me to update my case, i would more likely go with a Corsair 500r or 550d, or whatever other case out there that is worthy to replace the Antec 300 simplicity, and robustness.
  • mikeangs2004
    It doesn't even fit a long graphics card.
  • tecmo34
    @mikeangs2004: Yeah, I noticed that too when I was doing the story. It would fit my GTX 560 Ti but not much bigger. It is limited there, which keeps it in the budget area & a less direct threat to the Antec Three Hundred Two (handles 12.5" GPU's).
  • payneg1
    seems like this is better than my coolermaster 430
  • nebun
    e56imfgWell this looks interesting. Might get one for my budget build.let me fix this for you: Well this looks ugly. I will definitively look somewhere else for my next build.