Apple Announces $899 20" iMac for Schools

For those of you thinking all this sounds a little familiar, that’s because it was widely reported a few weeks ago. While we didn’t believe the company’s educational site when it said “the iMac line also includes a 17-inch model starting at $899,” under the “The New iMac Line” header, we were still hopeful.

It seemed some of us may have gotten excited over nothing, though. While not offered at retail, Apple still makes a 17-inch polycarbonate iMac for K12 and Higher Education priced at exactly $899. The rumor put to rest, we forgot about the possibility of Apple offering anyone anything under a thousand bucks. Lost cause.

Perhaps not. For a company so careful with announcements and launches, Apple sure did mess this one up. The company always tries to play its hand as close to the chest as possible, which is one of the reasons we didn’t believe last month’s rumor in the first place. However, last week the company updated education pricelists, discontinuing the aforementioned 17 inch and replacing it with the new 20 inch iMac for the same money.

All boiled down? Educational institutions get the 20 inch iMac (2GHz Core 2 Duo, GeForce 9400, 1GB DDR3, 160GB hard drive, 802.11n, Ethernet, four USB ports, a FireWire port and a slot-loading SuperDrive.) for a hundred bucks less. Check out the PDF here.

(Via MacWorld)

  • jeep11
  • bustapr
    I dont like apple, never will!
  • avericia
    1g of ddr3 is just plain dumb for $900 it should have at least 2g of ddr2. The apple tax is insulting you can get any other company's pc with better stats for half the price.

    Only the extremely uninformed buyer would ever consider these boxes.
  • tacoslave
    i hate apple so much. fucking hippies and college kids who dont know shit about computer's tout them around as though they are some sort of trophy. then of course the maacbook air now that is a piece of without compare.besides macs dont look that cool anyways, well not enough to justify the double price over a better pc.
  • SneakySnake
    Your correct in saying that that $900 dollar computer, but a school doesn't need more then 1 GB of RAM when all they do is web browse and do stuff in word.

    Any company that wants to make more profit will increase profits by eliminating parts that the consumer wouldn't really need
  • @SneakySnake You are a retard, 1 gig of ram? next they'll be replacing the keyboard with the wheel... (google macbook wheel)
  • mrubermonkey
    Great, now educational institutions will be able to act as wholesalers to retailers that will then sell to consumers or maybe they will cut out the middleman entirely and start selling their "surplus' iMacs to consumers directly.
  • tayb
    If an institution really wants OS X for some reason get a Pystar. You can get a faster machine for $500.
  • dark_lord69
    OMG!! Apple is really trying hard with this one! LOL!! They finally sell something for less than $1000 and it's got almost no RAM. 1 GB of ram is a joke, I have 4 times that in my computer.
  • hellwig
    A few months ago I saw Oregon Trail (updated version, not very good) for the PC. I have no reason to ever go back to a Mac, but man, did I love playing that game at school during lunch.