Apple to Offer 25% Off Macs on Black Friday

Apple usually keeps its Black Friday under wraps until right before the offers go live but this year, Boy Genius Report is carrying what it purports to be Apple's Black Friday deals and they're actually pretty juicy.

If the flyer below is actually true, it will mean that for one day only, customers can get 30 percent off iPods (this doesn't apply to the iPod Shuffle or iPhone), up to 25 percent off Macs, and up to 15 percent off all accessories including Apple software and hardware.

BGR goes on to say that while this is a one-day-only thing, select Apple stores will be opening their doors at 6 a.m. on November 27.

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  • santiagoanders
    Yoder54They won't loose money.

    Does this mean they will tighten money instead?
  • Transmaniacon
    The fact that the company can lower its prices by 25% and probably still make a considerable profit is a sign its charging way too much. If permanently reduced their prices by 25%, it would be a serious cause for concern for Microsoft...
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  • ZeroTech
    The only thing I don't like about the offer is that the machines come pre-installed with OSX. ;P
  • Yoder54
    Not true. They could be doing it for a few of reasons: 1) get more market share, 2) decrease inventories, or 3) pull people into their stores so as to expose them to their products. There may be other reasons, but it is just a one day thing and is actually a good way to advertise. They won't loose money.
  • doomtomb
    Parsifal57I thought apple were doing well, this would seem to indicate otherwise, since Apple rarely discount anything

    They have been making tons of money. That's why they can afford to make some deals for Black Friday. Apple is interested in expanding their audience too, have you seen the Mac vs. PC ads? That's why they are doing this.